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I met Llewellyn a few years ago when I entered the Recruitment industry. I was fortunate that Llewellyn had a direct and positive impact on my entry into the market through his guidance and mentorship. He has an amazing ability to mentor and train Recruiters by on-boarding them at the highest level to ensure their success.

In my opinion, Llewellyn is one of the best Financial Services, Banking, Insurance and Financial Advisory Recruiters in the country.

Uzi - Recruitment Specialist

Llewellyn is a dynamic and visionary leader within the Recruitment industry. His passion for Financial Services coupled with his desire to provide exceptional experiences for clients and candidates makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Andrew Lewis - Franchise Director | Express Employment Professionals, USA

The Recruitment Council team are highly efficient, go-getters and know what they are doing. They bring a fresh, dynamic but experienced vibe to the recruitment industry. We love working with Llewellyn and his team, and their constant communication, promptness and willingness to work together are superb.


I have been struggling in the job market for a while… Never getting any interviews or responses. That was the case until The Recruitment Council came along! The Consultant was fantastic, never gave up, always sent me feedback and went the extra mile. I will definitely recommend The Recruitment Council to everyone that I know. Keep up the fantastic work!

Gerald - Financial Advisor

Great assistance received from The Recruitment Council, very helpful and always willing to help.

Charlene - Professional Financial Planner

It’s rare that you come across standout ambition like Llewellyn the Managing Director of The Recruitment Council. I’ve also had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring him over the past few years.

Above all, I am particularly impressed by his Llewellyn’s ability to articulate his ambitions and plans. Even more, once decided, he throws his full weight behind any client project alongside his team and gives it his everything.

Riaan - CFO Insurance

Thank you to the incredibly professional yet friendly support and guidance received from The Recruitment Council with my recent appointment. The consultant maintained frequent contact with me throughout the process, motivated me and guided me throughout it all, even after my appointment. Yet again, my heartfelt thanks for believing in me!

Karen - Broker

I have never met a recruitment company more efficient than The Recruitment Council. The consultant who assisted me is extremely helpful and efficient. If you need assistance I would highly recommend The Recruitment Council. Great candidate service like this is difficult to find.

Rosanna - Insurance Consultant

Highly professional team that keeps checking up & updating me on new opportunities for potential career growth. In particular, the Recruitment Council and staff members are responsive as well. I greatly appreciate the amazing service and assistance received.

The consultants at The Recruitment Council put their candidate’s needs first and ensures the well-being and happiness of their clients. Their compassion towards their candidates allows for an extremely relatable experience and a pleasure to work with. I will not hesitate in recommending The Recruitment Council as you are a professional recruitment firm.

Thandeka - Financial Advisor

The Recruitment Council is Fantastic. I was approached professionally by a Recruitment Council consultant and what struck me as different from other recruiters was the detail given on the positions and the companies that they were advertising for. I was constantly kept in the loop and it was clear they had a good rapport with the employers they represented which always makes life easier for a candidate. Llewellyn the Managing Director always gave me a call before the interviews and gave me necessary insight and worthwhile coaching. Wonderful bunch to deal with.

Matthew - Banking Professional

Probably the best agency I have dealt with. Highly recommended.

Yazeed - Short Term Insurance Specialist

The Recruitment Council is made up of awesome Professionals.

If you are looking for professionals who place their clients’ interests above all else, look no further than the Recruitment Council.

Wynton - Insurance Leader

The hunt for a new career or change of role is a daunting task, one fraught with the constant fear of the unknown and potential self-doubt.

I have been fortunate enough to have found a partner in the recruiting and placement process that not only make certain the above never materialised, but who, at the same time, forged a relationship of trust based on the foundation of guidance, unconditional support and willingness to be the voice of reason when doubt set in.

The Recruitment council have not only found a way to cut through the uncertainty that defines a career change but managed to make the process one of self-improvement and personal enhancement.

It’s often the small things that define a relationship… with weekly check-ins, a quick message or call to gauge headspace and the fact that no question was ever too small and tedious made the search for a new role one that was both enjoyable and ultimately successful.

I have absolute faith that Llewellyn, his philosophy and team at the Recruitment Council will in time change both the face and the method of recruiting within the financial sector

Ryan - High Networth Planner

Wow, from the bottom of my heart it was one of the greatest pleasures to experience such a caring recruitment firm like the Recruitment Council, from the management to consultants. You’ve been wonderful to me. Keep up the great work!

Sebenzile - Insurance Specialist

I used TRC when I was looking for a Para-Planner and I was most impressed with Llewelyn and the consultant’s service and professionalism. The quality of their candidates was high and the process was very smooth. I am super chuffed to start working with my new recruit.

Angela - Entrepreneur & Key Individual

Llewellyn and his team’s ability to find the right person for the right role at the right time makes them an asset and business partner that I will work with again and again. Thank you for marrying up the right skills for the right roles as we navigate a new normal is now more important than ever as what we do and how we do it are key to sustainable solutions and robust relationships in tough times. Thank you for what you do consistently well.

Jo-Ann - CFO

I have had the pleasure of meeting with the founders & dynamic team at the Recruitment Council and would definitely recommend their services. They are a leader in the Financial Advisory recruitment sector in SA and have a unique offering to Financial Service Providers. They are professional in their approach, ensuring that they find exactly what you’re looking for.

Samantha - Recruitment Specialist