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11 Top Tips for the Perfect CV

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Venturing out in today’s job market, where there are fewer opportunities and more
competition, you want to make sure that the odds are in your favour, and so please take note of the following CV guidelines:

1. Ensure that all your personal details are up to date in order to correctly introduce
2. It is key that all your qualifications are in the correct order of completion. If a
qualification is currently in progress, please state so on your CV as well as the date of
3. State all previous achievements and awards obtained, in correct chronological order.
4. Ensure all work history is in the correct order, from current employment and back,
ensuring all start and finish dates are accurate.
5. Please ensure that your full job titles and companies you have worked for are accurate
and in order.
6. Include all duties and responsibilities have been clearly stated in all previous
industry related positions.
7. Keep the CV specific and to the point.
8. Be consistent with your format.
9. Use positive terms and ensure all grammar and spelling is accurate. Double check the
spelling again before using the CV.
10. Please keep your online CV up to date.
11. Use a format & template that is easy to read.