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Acquisitions & Succession

Are you a Key individual, Broker, Advisor or FSP that is looking to acquire AUM, sell your book, FSP, merge your business or have a need for Succession?

The Recruitment Council is a Consulting Advisory Partner firm that professionally facilitates book transactions, mergers, acquisitions & succession models to various FSP’s across South Africa for the following individuals:

  • Immigrating from South Africa
  • Retiring from the Insurance & Wealth Industry.
  • Looking for a fool proof succession plan.
  • In the process of winding down and closing an FSP.
  • Have the appetite and desire to rebrand their FSP and become an independent provider.
  • Have a team of advisors, brokers, wealth specialists that require a new practice to trade in.
  • Wanting to sell your assets in Investments, Medical Aid, Risk, Employee Benefits, Commercial Lines, Personal Lines, Gap Cover.


Succession planning for FSP’s is a significant factor of success, growth & long term stability, which is prescribed by Section 37(2)(e) of Board Notice 194 of 2017 by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). Taking this into account there are some critical factors that ensure continuity is in place for ultimate success of an FSP in South Africa. Succession is a required strategy that the FSCA monitors in order to pass on the leadership and the ownership & client relationships of a Financial Service Provider to suitable successors. This also ensures an FSP will be operationally effective after a Key Individual or Principal retires, passes away or becomes disabled or a key staff member resigns and moves on to a new employer.

Ensuring business continuity, leaving a legacy of professionalism and goodwill, having a foolproof succession plan also ensures your clients’ needs will be met throughout their lifetime and beyond.


Book your Consultation with our Mergers & Acquisitions Team and fill out this brief questionnaire to provide us with the requisite information needed to get the process started.