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The hunt for a new career or change of role is a daunting task, one fraught with the constant fear of the unknown and potential self-doubt.

I have been fortunate enough to have found a partner in the recruiting and placement process that not only make certain the above never materialised, but who, at the same time, forged a relationship of trust based on the foundation of guidance, unconditional support and willingness to be the voice of reason when doubt set in.

The Recruitment council have not only found a way to cut through the uncertainty that defines a career change but managed to make the process one of self-improvement and personal enhancement.

It’s often the small things that define a relationship… with weekly check-ins, a quick message or call to gauge headspace and the fact that no question was ever too small and tedious made the search for a new role one that was both enjoyable and ultimately successful.

I have absolute faith that Llewellyn, his philosophy and team at the Recruitment Council will in time change both the face and the method of recruiting within the financial sector